A program sponsored by the Zero to Five FRLC   zerotofivefrlc.org  to support childcare centers with the purchase of new equipment. Applications will be available from April 1st to May 15th, 2024. Individual allocations to each applicant will be based in part on the number of eligible applicants and the level of funding requested. Grants will range between $200 and $1,500.

How it works?

Any interested childcare provider within the Flathead Reservation and Lake County can submit an application. The application form has only 3 questions.

What are examples of what could be supported?

Funds can be used for traditional play area equipment, like a sand box, wading pool, or a swing set. Or it might be for balls, climbing sections, picnic tables, a mini-basketball hoop, paint to update an area, gardening tools, water games or any other need that the center feels will benefit their children.

How does the review process work for the award?

The Zero to Five staff will review all applications to verify eligibility regarding location of the center, services being provided, and good standing. They will evaluate the request considering how the proposal will directly benefit children at that location. A final assessment will be based on the amount of the request in relationship to the proposed equipment.

WEE-Play Project Application

Apply –> here!